Q: I made a post pointing out that zero suit samus is basically fanservice and have been getting nothing but metric tons of hate from whiny cishet men for it. Apparently pointing out fan service is reason enough for them to tell me to kill myself. Can you perhaps make a small post about it? They gave her combat heels. Also, one of the promo images shows intentionally her with the bunny hood item. Someone at Nintendo went out of their way to do it.


Wario was also very miffed at the updated model for Zero Suit Samus they used in the Smash Bros Direct. Her breasts have fucktupled in size and her figure has become more sexualized in general.


[Image: Screenshot of ZSS from the new game, showing her narrower stomach and much larger breasts, while her back is bent over at an uncomfortable looking angle.]


[Image: Official render of ZSS from Brawl, the previous game. Her shoes are a little more practical and not ludicrous high-heels, her figure is at least plausible, and her breasts are not a completely ridiculous size. She’s still a little bit fanservicey, but not quite as bad]

Wario almost wishes Sakurai hadn’t been joking when he said Zero Suit Samus wouldn’t be making an appearance, if this is the kind of appearance she’s going to make.

In general, in most the games she’s appeared in, Zero Suit Samus has been disappointing, and has never had an interesting or compelling character arc or personality. Part of what makes Samus and her power suit interesting is that you can imagine what kind of person she is. But judging from her official characterizations, especially in Other M, Nintendo does not think much of her. It seems that ZSS has become an excuse to put Samus is a skin-tight body suit.

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Q: Just found your blog! I love it! I'm so glad you post some stuff from Dynasty Warriors, I really think it has some of the best female characters in gaming. :3

Thank you! i used to play dynasty warriors when I was little and I’ve always thought the women were awesome!

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